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Electronic Press Kit


our Band
Nordakas” – five countries in one band… Spain, Argentina, Ivory Coast, Cuba and the USA!
Spanish rumba, latin, bossa, folk, blues and ethno, mixed with african beats and funk elements –
in other words „World Music“- thats the colourful variety of our self-written songs. Thanks to this diversity of styles and cultures our concerts transmit a lot of joy of living and fun playing music that thrills the audience… Viva la Vida!!

our Music
But it‘s not only the fusion of the different music styles and cultures of the 7 musicians from 5 countries which makes our shows so special… we also know how to share with the audience our happiness and feelings in a successfull mixture of linguistic influences with western and ethnic instruments and rhythms. We speak through MUSIC – a language that everybody understands!

our Show
Our show is dynamic and energetic, original and different. Many people and clients have described our show as a unique and thrilling musical experience. Nordakas is full of experienced musicians that understand events and the nature of them, adapting also to situations where the music has to be more relaxed, even as back ground atmosphere.

our References
Federal Chancellery Berlin “Open-door day”, Stadthalle Heidelberg, Schlossgrabenfest Darmstadt, Heidelberger Herbst, Schlössernacht Potsdam, IBA Heidelberg, City Treff Winnenden, Sommerspektakel Heidelberg, East Side Music Days Berlin, Intercultural Event Heidelberg, 1st May Event in Hannover, Schiller-University Heidelberg, Event in the Castle of Mannheim, Kulturbahnhof Neuenstein, Fête du Jumelage Heidelberg, International Streetmusic Festival Ludwigsburg, Spain Tour 2015/2016/2017, Argentina Tour 2016, and many more concerts on wedding partys, public and privat events, city festivals etc…

our Backline
We can play from 45 minutes to 3 hours, depending on the event.
For concerts with an audience up to 300 people we bring our own backline, for bigger events we need to have a suitable equipment on site.

our Specials
Depending on the event and the conditions of the location, we can be booked also as a smaller band.

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